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Shingle Shear is the original, American-made, high-quality product that is used by many, but don’t take it from us—read what our customers are saying:

Kicks Out Some Shingles!

Just finished our own home. My wife and I and cut all our heavy Elk Domain Ashford Landscape shingles with this thing. Great tool. Does the job and is dependable. Cutting by hand just don’t cut it. This tool rocks—and so will your roofing job. —Yellow Mountain, United States

Very Good Product

This seems to be a very well designed, well-manufactured product. It cross-cuts, rips, or diagonal-cuts shingles easily; has very good built-in measuring scales that are easy to use; is very sharp and cuts the shingles very easily. I forgot to say it’s very light to carry, too.

This seems to be a very, very good product – I’m really enjoying using it and its hard for me to imagine needing anything more or different.

Portland, ME

Thanks for making a superior product. One of my best roofing tools! 100% dependable.

Russell, PA

Good Item

I use this frequently. It works well and stays sharp enough to cut effectively. I always thought these would be a waste of money (a utility knife blade costs $.05 per side, why bother), but after using it on a 3-ply laminate shingle I was converted. Now I use it to make at least 50% of my cuts.

Bought one, excellent piece of equipment. Had to get another.

Vernon, CT

Awesome Tool

I bought this tool and spare blade as I thought that one surely wouldn’t be enough to cut an entire house worth of shingles. The house in work was a 2000 square foot ranch with a 2400 square foot two story addition added. Both roofs were all hips and had many running angles that required that lots of shingles be cut on angle. Rather than doing the old roofing way, since I had purchased high end roofing that offered the three dimensional look and were three layered in the middle, I opted to shear every shingle angle. Roofing contractors run them long and hand cut with a roofing knife at the angles, but the shear worked wonderfully and I like the precision of using the pitch gauge for professional results. I still have the extra blade—still not needed yet, and we are planning to reroof the parents house in the spring. I look forward to using it again. (Although the roofing work is a bit of a chore, life was much easier with the shear)!

Unit is lightweight. Quick precision cuts on valleys and starters.

Plymouth, WI

Great Labor Saving Tool

Cutting laminate shingles can be challenging but this tool allows you to make clean cuts even in cooler conditions. Its light weight makes for easy handling on the roof and the built in measuring scale speeds things up. Our large do it yourself job was way less painful with this tool and the results were great! Well worth the investment.

Shingle Shear makes for a good looking job. Worked great!

Hillpoint, WI

Thanks! Your product makes roofing faster and easier.

Brewster, MA

Awesome Tool

Awesome tool. I just did a roof that was all hips and valleys and this thing saved a ton of work. I cleaned the knife with thinner and then waxed the blade and deck. Armor All on the deck worked great.

Money well spent.

Worcester, MA

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